When technology precedes prophecy


Every October 31st, since 1517 we celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation. Most people talks and writes about Martin Luther and his 95 theses. We could almost even hear the hammering on the sinking nails in the wooden door of Wittemberg church. It would be much accurate to talk about “Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences,” but at the light of the ecumenical winds paving the road towards the next 500 anniversary within the still evangelical world but yet not-so-protestant, it is preferable to entitle the articles “the 95 Theses”, locking the phantoms of an old conscience in the highest tower of Wittemberg castle, while these consciences look down through latticed windows to the wounded doors by these religious nails who set free many souls.

Those nails played a role similar (but yet not as trascendental) to those nails 1500 years before, evidencing those who pretended to trade with Salvation, either with indulgences, papal bulls or with  corban (see Mark 7:11) instead of offering the true freedom from the oppressive yoke of consciences.

But let’s not talk of blacksmiths forgers of nails, neither of carpenters of crosses o repairers of bored doors. Let’s reflect on the technological coincidences providing powerful means, shattering dark, grosse and invisible chains tying and chocking multitudes during generations up to nowadays. And It is well said: “means”.

Communications means in any area are imprescindible to bring salvation to whom needs it. Each time God intervened in a special and powerful way in the becoming of human history, He prepared and anticipated the needed means for that occasion.

If transportation is not considered communications under the modern concept, we may still consider it “means of communications”. The lack of, or interrupted roads in a natural disaster around a ville is still called “incommunicado.”

120 years before it was needed, instructions were given and the project of the first transatlantic known in this world started. The engineer: God Himself. The shipowner and builder: “Noah and sons, Inc.” A familiar enterprise whose coetaneous mocked. Unfortunately, only eight people could appreciate the success of this project, but that is another story.

If we hoop to the great Pax Romana, we find great stoned roads crossing all the old continent, plunging to the very heart of Middle East. Commercial and touristic cruisers scratched all the Mare Nostrum surface constantly, a faster alternative to ground transportation already with no impediments, excessive douanes or obstacles. One same langue vulgaris, and another more hellenistically scholar, nested the newborn Christianity and its expansion in record time, one generation reached the known world. In this occasion, the transportation means combined with the political, cultural and linguistic context homogenized and simplified the communicative task of the early disciples.

In the decade of 1440, Gütemberg preluded a new paradigm in the evolution of communications. The press with mobile typography was born, and with it, the first “best-seller,” the Bible of 42 lines, referring the rows of words per page.

Little imagined the first printer that his invention would feed the devourer fire of the Reformation, razing all Europe, the New World till its ends and present times. Coincidence? Providence!

Always, before the great break-in-scene of the Director of this Story, to change the script and turn around the argument, He sends riggers preparing the scenario with new atrezzo and tools to heighten the communicative language rhythm, accelerating each time more and more the final scenes of this Great Drama… or new beginning, it depends on how you perceive it.

With the Industrial Revolution, humankind experienced the biggest social, economical and technological transformation ever registered so far. It is curious to note that this period closes in 1840. The world is ready to receive a new set in scene of the Master Director of this Story. A new religious movement is born, embracing the whole world, at least in a symbolic way, in record scores of time. Highly recommended to watch Tell The World if you want to enrich your scope about this period of time and movement.

Our friend Luther made me think about all this, driving my thoughts to the latest technological and communicative revolution where we are all immersed. My generation has witnessed of the leaps from radio to B/W and Color TV, video, CD, DVD, the first wireless telephones, yielding the first cellular or mobile phones. I still remember the first Spectrum or Commodore computer, those strange numbers like 286, 386, 486, the arrival of Pentium©, how e-mail started to be more and more popular, Netscape, Internet… iPhones now…

The technology we consume today, yesterday was already obsolete. What is announced to us for tomorrow are the waste of the technological vanguard. Never had this very sense the concept of “Global Village” like now.

After reviewing how the Great Master has intervened in our Story (and History), and after seeing and witnessing how He is changing and preparing the scenario, I only can affirm: everything is ready and set-up, the greatest last scene is about to start. The dénouement is approaching and all the audiences in the Universe (see 1 Corinthians 4:9) are wiggling in their seats, observing with great interest the outcome of this giant scenario we call Earth.

Noah adapted the new technology to the purpose most needed in his time. Paul, Peter, Mark and many others took advantage of their circumstances and historical context, they broke a record, all the known world in one generation. Luther was unstoppable thanks to the press. The inertia brings us to celebrate almost 500 years of Protestantism.

Miller, the Whites, Andrews and many others surrounded the world in little more than two or three generations thanks to a new social, economical, technological and communicative order.

How about you and me? What are we going to do with all the technology we have right on front of us? The Great Scriptwriter has a special and specific role for you. We all have a role to play, even the smallest role is important to be played. Get ready because the last scene is about to start. I can hear the ropes humming, starting to lift the curtain for the last time…

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