“It’s two and a half minutes to midnight”

There’s a symbolic clock set up by a group of scientists, who signals how far are we from the doomsday. Since Donald Trump initiated his presidency, gaining control on the “red button”, many have panicked, even more every time his plume touches on a decree. The scientists responsible of this doomsday clock are not different from us. Many news have echoed today that dark clock has advanced 30 seconds, reaching two and a half minutes to midnight.

Are we actually heading to the Apocalypse? In fact, according to the Bible, YES, but, wait a minute! (We still have two and a half, so one more minute shouldn’t bother us). It didn’t take more than a few minutes between the news was published, until I received the first texting message telling me with horror what was happening. Shall we push the “panic” button?

From the biblical perspective, each day that fades away, it brings us one day closer to the renaissance of humankind, so, YES, we are heading to the Apocalypse. But, I am afraid that Mr. Trump is not going to precipitate the events more than what is due.

Do not push the panic button yet. Many sincere believers have gotten wrong the role of the Signs of the Times. We have been paying attention to the signs carefully, for decades, concentrating our attention to notice the least change in a shadow. Unfortunately, we have focused so much in the fruits of the times (i.e. the Signs) that we have unseen the tree who bears the fruits. We have forgotten that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ does not depend of Donald Trump neither of any other so-called sign of the end.


We forget that the signs of the times are the consequence and not the cause of. In the Bible there is only one certain condition prior to the return of Christ to this Earth: “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14 NIV). Either we like it or not, paying attention to the signs of the times, ringing the alarm bell and shouting desperately trying to hypnotize others with these kind of shocking news, will NEVER substitute our duty and work of preaching the Good News to those who perish in this world.

That’s the only condition. To preach the Love, the Pardon, the Grace, the second chance God is giving to humankind. When someone is struggling with his own problem, maybe caused because of his own sin, and faces a desperate moment in life, when we see someone at the very edge of his endurance, we will realize that that person doesn’t care about Trump, the doomsday clock or any other fancy so-called “sign”. That person will have to hear what is God’s will for his/her life and, eventually, take a decision.

Our faithfulness in doing that is the only thing that should really worry us. Our sicky attention to any little detail about any popular dirigent will never bring the gospel to others. While we spend hours following Masons, Bilderberg, presidents, laws and following the twitter account of illuminated “researchers”, we delay unwillingly that real doomsday clock, and not the one managed by these scientists.

The WWI came, and was gone. The WWII came, and was gone. The cold war, followed their steps. There have been characters with or without moustache, with or without wig, but at the end, they did not played a definitive role. Surprisingly, the most important role has yet to be played. It is the role of shy, anonymous, unknown believers like you and me. It is the turn for those who can actually change the life of a neighbour, relative, friend, or just someone who is not known but who passes by your side.

When we believers will do so, THEN, and only then, is when the true signs of times will precipitate rushing one after another. Welcome Mr. Trump. After you another president will come. Someone will be the last, but, that depends on the commitment of many unknown believers.

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