Why I can not trust anyone?

Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God. He is the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them— he remains faithful forever. He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. (Psalm 146:5-7a NVI).

How often we feel safe because we have found someone in a responsibility that has assured us some help? The Psalm of today starts worshiping God, and right after explains why. Verse 3 says  in other words, do not trust in princes or any human being, because nobody can save. Really?

It is true that human beings may promise a lot of things, and after a while, they might change their thoughts. Where they said “yes”, a little bit later could become a “maybe”, and even a “no”. So, I have found myself trusting in people who have changed their mind and at the end, where there was a “promise” of support, you see the opposite. This might happen in any area of life, at work, within the family, etc.

Sometimes, we have trusted someone who, during a time, has been helping us to keep us safe from, lets say, one “enemy”. And we find that that “enemy” has made a friendship with the boss of your protector. Your battle is lost. Your benefactor can not help you any longer. Maybe he finds himself in trouble because of you. That’s a strategy followed by many people. If I have a problem with this guy, I will convince his boss of the opposite. Sad.

But let’s be positive. Let’s think that we find someone who consecrates his time and efforts to help and protect you for a lifetime. Let’s imagine that you have a big trouble and you find an ally who will protect you from any attack or danger. You could imagine all the enemies holding their fury back, because that person is there protecting you. But, sadly, none lasts forever on this earth. At least, until Eternity comes, a lifetime on earth is an unknown but limited period of time.

And that’s the reason why we should NEVER trust in human beings (only). Even if we have the assurance that this person who has vowed to help us, will do it, it might happen that this person can be fired, dismissed, moved to another place, or even die. I have seen alliances broken after the president of a government is changed, or deals thrown away because the responsible has passed away unexpectedly. Even in the best case, we are flesh, and none can asure help and protection to anyone else as God can do.

en-promisesThat’s why God gives us His wonderful promises in this Psalm.  Blessed are those who trust in God, because He is the one who has created everything. In other words, He is the Owner, the Master, and none is above Him. He is the Creator.

Since He is the Creator, that means He is the Owner, so, there will never be any associated who could press on Him by cutting down on budget or funds. He is Independent from anyone and self-sufficient, granting that none will never influence Him to change his mind.

But it continues. He is the One who remains faithful forever. The one who keeps the truth, so it will always remain truth. He will never change His mind as some people do. We can be confident, because if He said “yes”, it will always remain a “yes”.

He is the One who upholds the causes for the oppressed, the Defender of all justice. He will never drop your case, and there will never be another “attorney” higher than Him who could turn upside down his decision.

He is the one who feeds the hungry. There are many types of hunger. Hunger for justice, or love, not only physical hunger (which it is included in the sense, of course). And when God supplies our needs, he does not do it with leftovers. He does it with premiere class materials and solutions.

That’s why we shouldn’t trust anyone but God, and only God. It is sure He will use human beings to help others, but we shouldn’t trust the “tool” but the Engineer who knows which tool use in every case, and if one tool gets dull or breaks down, the Engineer will replace it with another one. He has promised and He will fulfill.



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