The core theme of the Bible

Bible reading: 2 Samuel 23:2

The core theme of the Bible

The Bible reveals God, but does more than that.The Bible also reveals our situation, where we are and how we are. In addition, to avoid despair, the Bible tells us how we can come out of the deep pit where we are. Jesus provided an exit for us, that’s why we find Jesus in every book of the Bible, in every corner of the text. Everywhere we see how the hope in a promised Messiah appears here and there, the Lamb who saves the struggling human being. The zenith of the revelation of God’s character and love is found in the death of Jesus Christ at the cross. There is the only place where we can see the sin at its maximum cruelty. At the same time, it is there where we can observe the highest expression of love ever showed, given or revealed. The human being, the creature, kills his Creator in a rage of perversity. God gives His only begotten Son in His infinite love for those same creatures.

The central theme of the Bible is Jesus Christ. His victory will culminate in our days, eliminating sin forevermore from the universe. God and humankind will be reunited fully and definitely for the eternity. The cross will be the science to study and what will keep us busy for the eternity. That’s the center of the Bible, and this will transcend the limits of the time.

The origin of the Scriptures

What can we say about the origin of the Bible? The authority of the Bible in matters of faith such as the behavior it is given by its origin. Despite those are words written on paper, like any other scripts, it is considered differently because of its origin. Paul in Romans 1:2 calls them “Holy Scriptures”, in 2 Timothy 3:15 calls them Holy writings (NET) and in Romans 3:2 and Hebrews 5:12 he calls them Oracle of God and God’s word (KJV and NIV). The origin of the Bible is what makes it so special, different and unique.

The writers of the Bible affirmed that they were not the intellectual authors of what they wrote, but the messages were received from God directly. Only by divine revelation they could knew what they should write. In many other places the Bible reads: “This is the vision of…” like in Isaiah 1:1, Amos 1:1; Micah 1:1, Habakkuk 1:1 or Jeremiah 38:21.

They informed that God, through the Holy Spirit was who inspired them to say or to write the received messages. For instance, David said:“The Lord’s spirit spoke through me; his word was on my tongue”. (2 Sam. 23:2 NET). In Ezekiel we find more similar references, like Ezekiel 2:2; 11:5, 24. Micah affirmed this: “But I am full of the courage that the Lord’s Spirit gives” (Micah 3:8 NET).

In the New Testament we can recognize the fundamental role of the Holy Spirit in the writing of the Old Testament. Jesus affirmed David was inspired by the Holy Spirit, we can read it in Marc 12:36 “David himself said [when inspired] by the Holy Spirit” (AMP). Paul says in Acts 28:25 that “The Holy Spirit rightly spoke through Isaiah the prophet to your fathers” (AMP). Peter revealed that the Holy Spirit was who guided to all the prophets, and not only a few (1 Peter 1:10; 2 Peter 1:21).

The same authors of the New Testament recognized also that the Holy Spirit was the source of their own messages. Paul explained in 1 Timothy 4:1 “But the [Holy] Spirit explicitly and unmistakably declares that in later times some will turn away from the faith” (AMP). There are more verses and citations about this, like Revelation 1:10; Acts 1:2; Ephesians 3:3 – 5.

Now we see that God, in the person of the Holy Spirit revealed Himself through the Holy Bible. It took Him about 1,500 years, and since the Holy Spirit is the intellectual author of the Bible, we need to consider God himself as the Author, with capital letters.


Because of sin, humankind could not communicate directly with God. Sin caused a new status quo and God had to search new means to communicate with us.

The established means, the conscience, the reasoning, the nature, even being sufficient, they became defective because of sin. God had to bring a new mean of revelation, a specific one, the Bible. This new revelation comprehends two witnesses, the Old and New Testaments. We have seen as well that the core theme of the Bible is Jesus Christ and the cross. The Bible is a very special book, not because how was written, but because of its different and unique origin unlikely any other book. God himself is the Author of the Bible.

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