The Challenge of “The Breaker”

Bible reading: Judges 6:11

There’s a story in the Bible, which tells of a Young boy, the smallest in his family, like the most of you here today. But in addition, his family was the smallest of all the territory. So, he was the smallest guy of the smallest family in the region.

In that time in which he lived, there was a people who did not love God, their name was The Bullies[1]. The Bullies were very lazy and bad people. They were called The Bullies because they came to the people of Israel and they stole whatever they wanted. They used to leave the Israelites without any food, any livestock, or tools, anything they could find in their way was looted. Let’s see why this boy was so important in this moment of history.

“Now the Angel of the Lord came and sat under the terebinth tree which was in a village named Fawn[2], which belonged to a man named God’s Gift[3]. God’s Gift was from the tribe of My father is helpful[4], while his son Breaker[5] threshed wheat in the winepress tank, in order to hide it from The Bullies” …

The wheat normally was threshed or “cleaned” in open spaces, like a threshing floor or plot, but this time Breaker was so afraid of The Bullies that he decided to work in a winepress tank. That place was a huge hole in the ground covered with wood boards where the grape was pressed by foot, and the grape juice fell into the tank. So, inside the big “hole” or winepress tank, nobody could see him working in a distance, and he made sure that his wheat would not be stolen.

Then, the angel of God appeared to Breaker and said:

– The Lord is with you brave young man!

Breaker answered impolitely:

– Excuse me? If God is with us, how is it possible that all this calamity has come upon us? Where are all those miracles that God did in the past? Where are the miracles that God did when he took us out of Egypt? I am sorry, but I do not think that God is anymore with us. God does not get rid of The Bullies.

Then, the angel of God, which was Jesus, turned to Breaker, stared at his eyes and said:

– Go! Just as you are you will be able to deliver Israel from The Bullies because I am sending you.

Then Breaker said:

– Pardon? How will I deliver Israel from The Bullies?  Precisely my family is the smallest of the tribe which, in addition, we are called The almost forgotten[6], and to top it off, I am the smallest in my home.

Then the Lord said:

– Do not worry for that, because I am with you at all moments, and you will be capable to deliver yourself and the people of Israel from The Bullies, like if they were just a bunch of people.

This is the Story of someone more known as “Gideon” and the Madianites. Or which is the same, The Breaker and The Bullies. You may read it in Judges 6:11–16. The history continues and there are many interesting episodes, but I just want to focus in the calling of The Breaker at an early age.

God challenged The Breaker to be an important person, to play a key role in his country, to become a tool in God’s hands. God is still looking for young people nowadays. You are the “smallests” in the church, maybe at home too. Your work may seem hidden from the sight of others, like it happened to The Breaker who worked in a big hole in the ground.  But I know you are working and doing things for the church and for God.

What I am trying today is to tell you, young people, and to the rest of the church as well, that you need to play a more remarkable role, not only the month of the youth, but the whole year.

Today I want to challenge each one of you, boys, girls, teens to become even more helpful in the church, at home, at the school or high school, at the neighborhood.

I encourage you to become Breakers, those who, like The Breaker, despite being a “small person”, God considered him as someone useful in order to accomplish great things. You will do great things in the near future.

Jesus promised to The Breaker that he would be always with him. Jesus also promised to stay with us forever. Jesus promised to The Breaker that he could get rid of The Bullies.

Jesus promises us today that he will help us to accomplish and to give us anything we might ask Him. You are the little ones or the youngest ones at church, but that does not mean that you are the least important ones.

You might do many things in behalf of others. I challenge you, here and now, not only the month of the youth, but the whole year, to be like The Breaker, brave young people, ready to execute any plan, to develop anything they are asked for. To be obedient to Jesus, to parents and ready to learn new things, in order to acquire more knowledge to better serve.

Do you accept the challenge?

[1] Madianites

[2] Ophrah

[3] Joash

[4] Abiezer

[5] Gideon.

[6] Manasseh.



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