God and his “bleeding jacket”

Nowadays we see every week-end many different jackets and scarfs of many colors in Paris. We have already forgotten the vindications that yielded to this movement, putting people on the streets for demonstrations. We have lost ourselves before the rainbow colors on the streets and certain key points in Paris. Confusion has installed itself weeks ago, and people are starting to have enough.

This state of society is a reflection of what goes on in human minds nowadays. Everyone wants to have his voice heard, to have his/her minute of glory. At the same time, while vindicating legitimate rights, we have finished by harming others or their rights. We are not here to evaluate this political or social situation, but to reflect about how this might affect the believers’ life.

A believer lives within the society. He/she cannot ever be isolated from those who surround him/her. So, the daily context will affect his/her mind and finally, his/her live in community.

Do we have « colored jackets » at church? Of course, we do! Those who complain constantly about the pastor, or the church elder, the deacon, the conference, the union, and more. We take positions in order to defend what we thing it is right. We try to recruit other fellow believers around us in order to join our cause. Without realizing, we emulate the social movements within the church, causing internal damages.

Within the authentic Christian thought, the question to ask ourselves is, what can I do for my church, for my brothers and sisters, for my neighbor? “In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5 NIV).

Jesus came to detour the attention from problems towards solutions. Since human beings do not understand but the language of the colored jackets and scarfs, He decided to speak our same language too, becoming someone who changed the code of colors.

He has proposed us to take Himself “our cause” upon Him, and to give us in exchange one white jacket (Revelation 22:14). He took upon Himself the color of our jacket, our cause, what caused us pain and what brought us to complain (Isaiah 53:4-5). That was so heavy to bear that finally His “jacket” started to get impregnated with the blood He started to transpire because of our troubles. His bleeding jacket transformed ours into a “white jacket”, having nothing to complain about. If we could realize the meaning of this, we would become disciples who seek to convince others to exchange their jacket with the one that Jesus offers. The social shift it is possible, but only in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Download this article here as a PDF file.


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